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It’s The Dress Up Nook!

June 6, 2013

dress up nook 1 dress up nook 2 dress up nook 3

Well, this is basically what happened: I had a blank wall, black string, and tape. So voila! Also as part of the dress up nook, I am excited for my new hat display! My 2 twin friends (friends who are twins) got me these three adorable little dress hooks for high school graduation and I’ve loved having them in my rooms since moving to L.A.! Although, it wasn’t until recently that I began to display my hat on it… one of my teachers makes and sells quirky hats that most people wouldn’t necessarily call “ready to wear”.  One day we were chatting about finding jewelry or articles of clothing that aren’t necessarily something we might wear but it is just too good and unique to not own. Earlier this year  I was at a sample show and met the maker of this dinosaur hat; it became one of those items I just couldn’t pass up! I talked to my teacher about my love for finding things like that but also how I hate it because I wear it on only rare occasions. He inspired me that those purchases can act art pieces at times; so instead of it hiding in your closet, put it on display in your room! So I did just that.

I’m happy I made my little space into an official “dress up” area.

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Colored Lens Filter DIY

June 4, 2013

DSC_9220I love new photography tricks! I was so happy to find a plastic box that was covering my friend’s left over food because I was able to repurpose it for this project! One of my favorite things about using film is when light leaks in because it creates a red or orange hue over the photos. But if you aren’t using film all the time then you can create that same feel with your digital camera! Take a look at how to do it!…

camera filter

1. Trace the shape of your lens cap on a scrap piece of paper 2. Add a little extension onto the circular shape (you will use that extension in step 6) 3. Cut out 4. Trace on a clear plastic sheet and cut out 5. Create designs using different colors on each plastic cut out 6. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the extension you cut out of the plastic 7. Cut a piece of string just long enough to reach from the camera strap to the tip of your lens 8. Tie string from each hole punch to your camera where strap is connected.

I love this DIY! I love it because you can have a few different color options conveniently by your side at all times while talking photos! As I took practice photos I also had the fun discovery of using 2 of the filters at once. Woo hoo for double filters! I can’t wait to take more photos with these fun filters! Check out some of my practice pics below…

camera filter diy

I hope you guys have as much fun with this DIY as I’ve had! Have a week full of funzy things!

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My Ballet Slippers

May 31, 2013

ballet slippers

…make me feel magical! They allow me to mentally prepare myself for pretty much anything. Don’t know why. I don’t ask questions. I just accept it.

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Well Lookatthat! I Made a Sewing Apron.

May 28, 2013

sewing apron

My Collection Development teacher expressed the convenience of wearing a sewing apron while working. It’s great to wear while sewing big projects that require constant movement from the sewing table to the cutting table. A sewing apron is even helpful when staying put at the cutting table because one can keep tools in the apron instead of taking up precious table space! My teacher gave out extra credit if we made a sewing apron for ourselves. BOO-YA! I made mine out of old fabrics–yay for recycling!

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My First Nail Art. I Like Nail Art.

May 23, 2013

nail art nail art 1

Nails!!! For the past few years I have been unquestionably loyal to my ruby red nail polish. But there are so many cool nail polish colors these days! I have actually painted my nails other fun colors that I’ve loved but then taken it off soon afterwards because something weird has happened where I just don’t feel myself in anything besides red. BUT THEN I found this neat nail art design that is really simple and I decided to try it for myself; it’s simple and kinda classic, actually. It kind of reminds me of bow ties. The only thing I would change is to put a very subtle color, like a light grey or pastel, underneath the dark color. I think that would make the design pop out even more! I don’t have any light colors like that though so I just stuck with clear. This is my second time doing this design. It is so simple! All ya gotta do is cut little pieces of tape and place them diagonally on your nail bed then paint over the tape, remove it when you are done, then finish it with a clear coat over the whole nail. Funzies!

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My Workspace For The Past 5 Months…

May 21, 2013

my workspace my workspace 1

I came across these pictures of my work space from the past 5 months. A corner of my apartment has been taken over with boxes of fabrics, rolls of fabrics, bags of fabrics as well as this desk and book shelf. Over time the wall above my desk has grown in to its own collection of art. I got onion seeds from BonBon over Christmas break but never planted them… so naturally, they ended up on my wall. I have many to-do lists. Hot pink post-its. Stickers. My favorite picture of my grandma. A little piece of paper I found in my notebook that has blobs of paint on it. My color value project from last year that I made in to guns. A dreamy post card made by my friend. And my “anything is possible” indian headdress. I make people wear it when they need emotional help and it has a 100% curing rate!

I decided to start drinking my coffee black… it makes me feel like I understand everything in the entire world now. Just because.

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Skirt to Shirt Project Restyle

May 17, 2013

low back striped shirtDSC_8767k My roommate moved out 22 days ago (meh!) and left practically… ALL of her belongings because she decided to start over new! One thing she left was a long black and white striped maxi skirt. Well, since I’ve been in such a black and white striped world lately, I have yet to believe one can have too few black and white stripe shirts. Or at least that’s what someone would probably think if they were to peer into my closet. Whatever! Maybe I have a problem, maybe I don’t, that doesn’t matter for today. The point is I have made a new creation and I am going to share it with you all!

By the way…
i like coffee a lot

Yay it’s Thursday!

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