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Goodbye L.A. Hello Cleveland

July 11, 2013

I spent the last two years in Los Angeles t0 work on my fashion design degree at FIDM. I met my best friends there, went on fun adventures, traveled, learned a lot about God and the Church, strengthened my skills in fashion design, started drinking coffee, took full advantage of the best people-watching locations, met many amazingly talented & motivated artists who inspired my dreams, and… a whole lot more wonderfulness.

I lived directly across the street from two of my besties. If I was curious about their presence in the neighborhood at any given time, I simply looked out my porch window to see if their blinds were open. My other bestie was a business woman by day and a child-at-heart by night to make up for being a business woman by day. She would come over every Friday and we would time travel back to 1996 and explore an eatery somewhere in Hollywood, usually diners. Then she would sleep over and we would do that all over again on Saturday! Another friend I knew last year ended up living with me and my roommate the last month of my stint in North Hollywood. We transitioned from friends to sisters fairly quickly and now I consider her one of my close pals.

I have never experienced friendships so deeply in my entire life; these women are far, far more than just friends. Each of these relationships has been ordained by God; the timing couldn’t have been planned by anyone or anything else other than the Master. I also was blessed to live with my roommate of two years (who I am polar opposite of, but I just love her to death)! We seem to understand each other in the oddest of ways. I was able to room with another girl who I helped give her life over to Christ–an absolutely amazing experience.

My first year of living in L.A. was very hard at times but it turned intoĀ something I never would have imagined–so rich. I created friendships that will last a life time and even an eternity. I never thought that I would feel this way about L.A., but whenever I think about that city my heart feels strangely warm.

Two weeks ago I moved back to my life partner, Cleveland OH. It was very difficult to ripp away from the life I created in L.A. I’m the type of person who absolutely hates saying goodbye to people. During the entire last month of living in L.A. I basically pretended I was never going to leave. For some reason I thought that would make everything easier but in the end it turned out to make everything harder. It was a very abrupt ending… I’m so thankful it is easy to stay in contact with people across the country these days. The past two weeks in Cleveland have been… interesting. It is strange shifting from L.A. student to Cleveland entrepreneur in a day’s time. There was no smooth transition on my calendar, so the mental transition has taken a while.

However, this is what you must know: now that I am in the CLE, it is finally time to realize my dreams. Yes, you heard it right, California: I left L.A. for Cleveland to accomplish my dreams. I am currently working two jobs while all the rest of my time is spent throwing myself into 23 Skidoo. A lot is going down. It’s gettin’ real and it’s about time. 23 Skidoo has been my grandest earthly passion for a while now. All I can leave you with is… it’s official, y’all. GET READY, CLEVELAND!!!

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  1. Linda Kelly permalink
    July 12, 2013 8:07 am

    Cleveland is blessed to have you back So glad you are birthing your dream here. We need your infectious spirit. Welcome home!

  2. July 14, 2013 3:41 pm

    It’s been great living your Cali adventure! OH folk are thrilled by your return!
    Blessings, Carol

  3. emiliebrown permalink
    July 21, 2013 10:29 pm

    I LOVE IT! You heard it L.A.! You are a gem

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