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23 Skidoo Hollywood Blvd Fashion Show

July 1, 2013

Well, well, well… It has been QUITE a year.

A couple of weeks ago my friends and I filmed this little lookbook. My sister-in-law’s brother (Rob) and his girlfriend (Michelle) told me last summer that I need to have a fashion show on Hollywood Blvd before I graduate from FIDM and leave L.A. When they said this I was all like, “How am I supposed to do that??” and they were like, “I don’t know, just do it”…So, I did.

Two weeks ago I had some gal-pals come over and I dressed them in some of the designs I made this past year (most were school projects and one was actually something I made in high school). We walked from my apartment down to the metro station and took the train to Hollywood Blvd. This was so much fun for me! The whole idea of this day I had in my head was for it to simply be fun, almost like a fashion prank, but still present my designs in a respectful manner.

As soon as we got on the train my models and I stayed on one end of the car, looking fashionable. Once the train started moving I presented myself to the passengers as though everyone on the train had knowingly arrived for my runway show. Then my models walked down their cat walk (the isle of the train) and I thanked everyone for their support and for coming out to see 23 Skidoo. I got to hand out a lot of business cards and some people followed up and contacted me, which was awesome! The best part of the show was seeing people’s reactions. Some passengers were super confused, some were entertained; a bunch of grown black men were very eager to receive a business card (which made me wonder what they thought is on my blog), and some people really loved my designs!

It took three stops on the train to get to Hollywood Blvd, so at each stop we switched train cars and did the show again! Finally we arrived at our destination and cat-walked everywhere! Every time we crossed a street I looked at all the cars stopped in front of us and welcomed them to the fashion show.

It was just a good ol’ time. We stopped for some photo shoots, too. It was encouraging and exciting to overhear comments from the crowds. I heard one man say to the girl sitting next to him, “I wish girls dressed like that more often”…Yeah!

From the footage we captured on a phone, John edited it into this fun little lookbook video. Thank you Mallory, Andrea, Anna, Jackie, Lake, and Marissa for helping that day! I am happy to announce that I have had a fashion show on Hollywood Blvd.

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  1. July 6, 2013 3:08 pm

    What an amazing idea, I love it! It’s also pretty brave, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to do something like that.

  2. emiliebrown permalink
    July 26, 2013 9:32 pm

    Sometimes, I can’t believe I know you. You are too cool for school!

    p.s. I like the expression on the guy’s face on the bus. I think he really enjoyed the show 😉

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