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Pom-Pom Project Restyle

June 11, 2013

pom pom sweater diy

So…it’s June……………………………………


…Anyway, I bought these little white pom poms back in February and FINALLY got to do this project restyle! What was keeping me from doing it was finding the perfect sweater to do it. I know it is summer now, but the weather in L.A. at this time of year is weird because some days it is fo real WAY too hot then other days you can comfortably wear a sweater (they call it the “June Gloom”, I believe). So until I go back to Cleveland, I actually think I will be able to wear this once or twice until the winter time comes!

A thrift store across the street from me is closing so they have been selling 75% off e’erythang! I got this sweater for like 50 cents or something. It had a turtle neck, which my friend calls “a push up bra for a double chin”, and THE biggest shoulder pads I have ever seen! I made one of those executive decisions to cut out the shoulder pads and create a pretty boat neck instead of pushing up my double chin. Then I…

1. Laid the sweater flat on a smooth surface. 2. Stuck pins where I wanted to sew on the pom-poms. 3. Hand sewed on the pom-poms.

Sweaters in June.

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