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It’s The Dress Up Nook!

June 6, 2013

dress up nook 1 dress up nook 2 dress up nook 3

Well, this is basically what happened: I had a blank wall, black string, and tape. So voila! Also as part of the dress up nook, I am excited for my new hat display! My 2 twin friends (friends who are twins) got me these three adorable little dress hooks for high school graduation and I’ve loved having them in my rooms since moving to L.A.! Although, it wasn’t until recently that I began to display my hat on it… one of my teachers makes and sells quirky hats that most people wouldn’t necessarily call “ready to wear”.  One day we were chatting about finding jewelry or articles of clothing that aren’t necessarily something we might wear but it is just too good and unique to not own. Earlier this year  I was at a sample show and met the maker of this dinosaur hat; it became one of those items I just couldn’t pass up! I talked to my teacher about my love for finding things like that but also how I hate it because I wear it on only rare occasions. He inspired me that those purchases can act art pieces at times; so instead of it hiding in your closet, put it on display in your room! So I did just that.

I’m happy I made my little space into an official “dress up” area.

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