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How To Make a Perfect Fabric Bow

May 3, 2013


Hello fellows! I tend to use little bows in pieces I make or re-make. Recently I made little bows for a swim suit and a project restyle dress. A reader commented and asked how I make my fabric bows. Fabric bows are one of the easiest tricks out there!
Here is what you need:

2 large rectangles + 1 teeny rectangle


Place the two big triangles on top of each other, right sides together.


Sew the rectangles together leaving enough space in the center of one side to get at least your finger through (at the VERY least!). Once you’ve done that, snip the corners. This is a trick so that when you turn the rectangle inside out, the corners will be pointy.


Take the smaller rectangle and fold it so the right sides are together; sew along the edge.


Turn it inside out then fold it again and sew those raw edges together.


Now turn the small and big rectangles right side in. Iron them flat if needed. Take two corners of the big rectangle and bring it through the hole of the small rectangle. Slide it through until everything is perfectly centered. You will probably need to play with the pleats so everything looks clean and symmetrical. And now you have a cute, perfect little bow to stick on a garment!


Now if you want to sew it onto something you will have to do it by hand. Sew the back of the center band onto the fabric of the piece you’re creating, so the sew lines aren’t visible. Have fun making bows!!

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