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Here’s one for the men: How to Skinnify a Tie

April 5, 2013




austin tie

Boys! This one is for you! I skinnify ties for my brother-in-law John quite often. Skinny ties are where it’s at! I found this awesome retro tie at a garage sale for 1 dolla. I have to admit, there is something a little bit cool and daring about guys wearing flowers. I saw this tie, loved the deep sea green color and flowers, and bought it with plans to make it skinny and all the more retro. There are 2 groups of steps to follow to make a normal-sized tie skinny. The first part is cutting and reshaping the tie properly and the second part is sewing it back up properly. Here is the first group:

1/2. On the back of the tie, there is loose stitching holding it together. You can use scissors to cut the stitching in order to separate the closure. Only cut the stitching from the wide end of the tie until you reach the skinniest part.

3. Once you open up that seam you will see another piece of fabric inside, called interfacing. Interfacing gives structure to the tie–when skinnifying, you can use the interfacing to create the new size. Use a ruler and mark a line on the interfacing 1 1/2 inches from the edge to cut off.

4. Cut off where you drew the line.

5. Iron the sides of the fabric back over the new shaped interfacing. Cut the extra fabric that goes over the interfacing so the edge will be right at the end of the interfacing. Do the same to the other side.

6. The fabric that is laying on top as folded over the interfacing, Iron it in only about a 1/2 inch. This is the part you are going to sew back up so you want it to have a clean edge.

Then hand sew the tie back up with a stitch called a blind stitch. This stitch is used so you will be able to sew the tie back up without seeing any of the thread in the end product. After you thread a needle with a long piece of thread (knotted at the end) do this:

7. You are going to be sewing through only the 2 layers of fabric in the back of the tie. Start by bringing the needle through the hole in the tie then back out at the folded edge of the top fabric.

8. Secure the thread between those 2 fabrics.

9. Sew along the folded edge of the fabric about 1/8 inch in so you are technically sewing between the fabrics. This is how the thread won’t be showing in the end product. Start by sewing your first stitch on the 1st layer fabric. Be sure to not go all the way through to the front of the tie.

10. Bring needle out and stitch on the top folded edge in 1/8 inch in underneath. As you are sewing be sure to pull on the thread so the stitches are secure but not too tight. Repeat this process until you’ve reached the end point!

My friend Austin modeled the tie for me! Now that it’s skinny, it takes on a whole new feel! Enjoy wearing your skinny tie!

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