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Second to Last Quarter

March 26, 2013

My second to last quarter of school is officially COMPLETE!!!!!!! WUSSUUUUP! I feel so accomplished. Don’t mess. This week was crazy. Here are a few glimpses into what happened…

Finals week calls for witch socks.


These are some sketches I did for a final presentation. Obviously at this point in the creative process only the skin was colored, without any of the clothes, hair, or facial features…but I thought this stage looked cool! Kinda mysterious… chew know?


This is what my apartment looked like half way through the week-HA! You don’t want to know what it looked like by the end. But now it’s all clean and pretty!


At the end of the week my gurl Angel had a birthday party and I rode my bike there so I drew a map on my arm of the directions. I should also mention that my bike’s front tire was completely flat–made for an interesting ride. I have realized that one of my favorite things to do in L.A. is ride my bike. I tell ya guys, the people who walk the streets of this city are whack!  So every time I ride my bike somewhere I love being able to fully experience the city and the people.

Spring break is officially on and adventure time is at my finger tips! I will update you all! Woop-to-the-hoop!

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