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Beehive DIY

March 15, 2013

beehive1 beehive2 beehive3

Hi-ya folks! I recently shared with you my love and usage of beehives, and let me tell you something–they are a piece of cake to style! My roommate Anna let me do the demo on her head for you all! Here are the steps:

1. Tease front half of hair.

2. With bobbi pins, pin hair half up/half down.

3. Take the rest of the free hair, twist in fingers and pin.

I’d say about 98% of the time I always use a head band to accessorize the beehive because it defines the style and makes it look like it has more height. Plus, it’s just plain ol’ cute!

…So, guys! This week and next are finals week, then I have 3 glorious weeks of spring break! Two of my closest friends and I are taking one of those weeks to road trip up the coast to San Francisco, then we might stop by Sacramento, then we’re going to Seattle, then Portland, then back to Los Angeles. I am so excited to go on this adventure! All of us have friends in all of those cities, so it’s just going to be a loaded-adventure-fun road trip! I will take pictures the whole time so be sure to check back for an update!

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