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Cute Socks DIY

February 25, 2013


Ya know those little socks with lace on the top? Some may refer to them as “lace socks”? Well I refer to them as “cute socks”. I once again have taken the initiative of claiming fabric that my roommate was going to throw away… this time it was a simple, pretty lace fabric. I had a pair of plain ol’ socks, so of course I exclaimed, “Let’s make cute socks!”

For the lace, I cut 1″ x 8″  rectangle shapes…


Since socks are stretchy, you need to stretch the fabric of the sock to go along with the lace as you are sewing it. If you were to sew on the lace without stretching out the ankle of the sock, there would not be enough give to properly slide the sock on to your foot, after sewing.


Now wear dem socks!

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