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Play Shirt Restyle

February 5, 2013

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Oh hey guys!  I love project restyles!

Here’s a little peak in to my world at the moment: I’m sipping a mysterious drink a coffee wizard made me. I don’t know exactly what it is… but I do know this: it is delicous and I am growing more energized by the minute.  Yippy!

Back to the restyle.  I recently thrifted this army-printed shirt; it makes for a nice play shirt.  (My sister friends (sister friends who are both friends AND sisters) got me saying things like “play shirts” and “play dresses”… adding “play” on to the front of a garment simply means the garment is casual and comfy but also cute and fun!)  Over time, the armholes on this play shirt have begun to bother me because they are kind of big and kind of not that cute.  My roommate was going to throw out some black jersey fabric, but I commandeered (<–thanks Morgan!) that situation and repurposed the fabric to make sleeves.  Now, for you wonderfully wondering people out there, I would love to tell you how to restyle sleeves for yourselves!

1. Take out sleeves of play shirt with a seam ripper.

2. Sew in 1″ of the side seam starting at the arm hole in order to make armhole smaller.

3. Cut off 1″ parallel to the seam on the old sleeve.

4. Use the old sleeve as a pattern to cut the new sleeve out of contrasting fabric.

5. Sew new sleeve seams together, then sew new sleeve into the armhole.

BOOM.  Now you have a new fun play shirt that has normal-sized armholes!  Super easy!  And quick too!  This project probably took me about 30 minutes.  So there ya go.

Today I drew a little face on my banana.  This made it much more difficult to eat, knowing it was now more like a creature, than a banana.

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