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Refined Style

January 29, 2013


Last spring I shared with all ya’ll that I am shifting towards a 1960s focus for my clothing line. As the designer of these clothes, I think it is important for my own personal style to reflect the clothes I design. It took some time, but I feel like my style has finally become 60s at heart, with some contemporary flair. Personally, I have been leaning toward a lot of blacks, whites, and reds with a touch of leopard fur. Using those 4 colors are not the only options I have to look 1960s-inspired but I feel more comfortable sticking to that main palette. Readers, I have been feeling like such a lady with this new style! Some of my favorite looks include wearing all black, leopard fur, and my mary-jane flats. Oh, Audrey Hepburn! Looking at her style has pushed me to sport the beehive ‘do more than ever!

Today, I am sewing a dress for my class, due tomorrow… should be a good time. I think I will proclaim today a day to be musically dedicated to the Dum Dum Girls.

So long little ones!

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