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my new years resolution

January 5, 2013


new years resolutions have been something that i haven’t really got involved in in the past. in fact, this may be my first “for reals” new years resolution!…i think. probably. i know we’re already a little bit into january but i just settled on a good resolution! this year i want to broaden my cooking skills! i got a crock pot this fall and i have used it just a wee bit but now i’m discovering more and more foods that are great for crock pots!  beside crock pot things, there have been specific foods that i’ve been wanting to experiment with for a little while now, such as…
1. tacos! (slash quesadillas) you can do anything with these! they are fast to make, easy to pack to take to school for lunch or dinner and there are hundreds of different healthy routes to take with tacos/quesadillas.


2. hummus….YUM. i LOVE hummus! i will eat it with anything! veggies, sandwiches, salads, blue chips, tacos/quesadillas, crackers, with cheese and lettuce, or a plain ol’ spoon full. last summer my sister made homemade hummus from her garden and it was the best hummus i have ever dreamt of! for the amount of hummus i like to casually consume, it’d be worth having SUPER DELICIOUS humus around, plus it’s more fun to have things like this that are homemade!


3. thai food. my friends, mary and greg, had me over for dinner a couple weeks ago. mary made us a thai dinner with sticky rice. she made the sticky rice in this big woven basket that goes over the stove, this is how it is actually made in thailand. i remember at mary and greg’s wedding they had the most delectable pad thai i have ever found! i was perfect! so anyway, basically, i have been very inspired by all of this thai happening. there are many different ways to accomplish thai foods so therefore i want to try all of them!!!!!!


4. pickles! i love pickles. a designer i used to intern for always inspired me. her and her husband get a random assortment of vegetables every month or so from a local garden. she said every month they never know how much of each vegetable they will get. at the time, they had just gotten an overload of cucumbers so they were doing all sorts of different fun recipes with cucumbers, one of them being pickles! there are so many different flavors of pickles. plus it is fast to make, too. i can’t wait to do this! i have been wanting to for so long!


5. cauliflower…this stuff is amazing! in general, but especially while at school, i try to eat as little bread, or heavy carb foods, as possible. i don’t even buy loafs of bread anymore because it makes me so tired which then effects my sleep schedule and my work ethic. but cauliflower is a great replacement for many things. you can make a pizza crust with cauliflower. the picture above is “mashed cauliflower” (like mashed potatoes). i have seen many recipes, i can’t wait to taste them!

i’m so excited for this next step in womanhood! oh! and i just realized this means i’ll be able to wear my cute little apron more often! yay, it’s a win-win!

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  1. January 5, 2013 1:29 pm

    Beautiful pictures and great resolutions! Specially the pickles one 😉

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