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chealsea wolfe

November 24, 2012

alright alright alright alright alright! so, amoeba, if you are unaware, is the biggest independent record store. i take a visit there every few weeks and get one of the records that’s on the “vinyls to get list” on my phone. or if i’m just bored. so anyway, this place is massive and all through the week they have free shows. what’s cool about amoeba’s free shows though is that the artists that play there aren’t just loser high school bands. in fact, they’re never loser high school bands. they are always either well known artists in either the LA area or in the “world area”. like lana del rey played there in the spring. so ya know, people like that! so i saw this crazy groovy lady, Chealsea Wolfe a few weeks ago. (i literally just looked through my thesaurus to try to figure out a word that would describe how awesome she is). and her performance was spectacular. the first song of the set was her playing solo on the keys. then for the second song, another girl came out and played the violin while chelsea moved to the acoustic guitar. for the third song a dude came out and played the keys with them. then finally the electric guitar came out then the drums. it was amazing how they did that! the whole performance kept building up and up, it was so good! chealsea’s music is so great because it might be considered acoustic music except it has so much more incredible depth with her vocals and the other instruments. so yeah, chealsea wolfe: good stuff.

in conclusion, listen to this song (it is one of my favorites from her new album):

then if you like that then you should watch this video, i got goose bumps. either because i’m sitting outside or because chealsea is amazing. probably both. actually no, probably because chealsea is amazing.

chealsea wolfe right HERE.

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