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photography tricks: freezer filter [fail]

November 23, 2012

my bodaciously magnificent friend, caitlin, told me that her friend left her film in the freezer for a week before she developed it. her photos came out with green and red tints. they supposedly looked super jank. like, cool jank. so i did this! and i’m pretty sure it didn’t work at all. pretty sure. as you can see below…

also, i decided that i’m over this camera. the camera i used on this film is a really old point and shoot minolta that i found at a thrift store. and well basically, its just a pointless camera. its one of those camera’s that are so cheap that there aren’t even enough mirror’s in it for me to see what i’m actually taking a picture of. its the kind of situation where when i go to pick up my pictures after getting developed, i just don’t really love the photos. i like them because of the memories but they simply aren’t that awesome. but i’m happy i have them anyway!

i hope i can figure out how to do this freezer filter thing. if any of you have any knowledge of anything i was doing wrong please help a mama out! peace out.

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