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ryan samples art

October 18, 2012

alright children, its taken way too long for me to share with e’erybody over here about my pal ryan samples. all i have to say about this kid is that he honestly has sickening skills. knowing that he didn’t grow up a painter, it seems pretty obvious to me that God has truly gifted him with this ability as it clearly comes naturally to him. my favorite thing about ryan’s work is not only the techniques he uses but i LOVE the way he blends his colors. and just his colors in general! they never cease to be really vibrant pretty hues. its like a flash back to the 80’s every time! its amazing! every painting i’ve seen of his always has really amazing depth. there always seems to be a story. they’re deep, brah.

yo. watch this video. it’s about ryan.

what i love most about ryan is that he is so passionate about his work. he loves doing it and let’s all be honest here, he’s insanely good at it! i’m always motivated and inspired when i talk with him because he’s continuously pushing himself and continuously putting himself out in Cleveland!! his paintings show up in coffee shops and restaurants periodically. its a good reminder of the talent that is alive in this city. and that its growing in size and skill every day. cuz thatz how c-town rollz.

follow ryan on that mysterious online device thing called “facebook” or something like that…right HIZZY HIZZY HERRRR to see more of his work and see where he’ll be heading next in life! because i’m sure it’ll be really awesome.

let’s say it all together this time: support local artists!!!!

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  1. Melanie B. McCrone permalink
    October 18, 2012 7:19 am

    Wow!…Courtney!!, Ryan’s artwork is amazing!!! Love, m

    Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 11:12:15 +0000 To:

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