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how to make a perfect cat eye

October 2, 2012

quite frequently i am asked how i make my cat eye make up. ladies, let me tell you, it is a piece of cake! i think what people struggle with the most is understanding that you must use liquid eye liner in order to do this. and i think they also have a hard time making smooth swift lines. honestly, i think i just have a steady hand but i would suggest resting your elbow on the counter or something of that sort while putting on the liner for steadiness.

for me personally, i don’t have a specific brand of liquid eye liner that i go to as long as the tip of the brush is firm and pointed i am satisfied! those are crucial characteristics in order to make the perfect cat eye.

1. with the pointed tip of the eye liner, make a top line above the lashes. 2.  create another line from the corner of your eye to the end point of the top line. 3. color in the space between the top line, bottom line, and eye lashes! that easy!

4. when al done with that i think it looks nice to have a pointed feathery point at the end. so with the pointed end of the eye liner make a fast and swift flick at the end of the original tips then it will look nice and clean!

its just that easy friends. do not fret, now! go and make yourselves a pretty little cat eye!

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