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first painting in like 2 years or something

September 26, 2012

i’ve been wanting to do a painting for a while now, its been so long since i made one! so earlier in the summer i began this painting of natalie wood. i worked on it periodically whenever i had a random hour or two to randomly spare. then i took a long break from working on it. THEN last night 1 am rolled around and i just wasn’t tired at all so i decided to work on the painting. before i knew it it was 6 in the morning and i was all done with it! i have no clue why or how that happened last night. this morning i woke up at 9. i’m leaving for school tomorrow morning. i’m still trying to mathematically understand how i’m not half dead right now. whatevs. well, i am kinda not totally alive right now. yet i’m still not going to sleep….what’s wrong with me? there are issues in this situation that need to be brought to the table. i think i might babble when i’m tired. its definitely a possibility.

interesting fact/situation: i didn’t know much about natalie wood at all until i started this painting. all i really knew was that this was a cute portrait of her so i wanted to paint it. in case you do not contain this knowledge, natalie was an actress (she starred in west side story and other big hit films), she had  huge fear of drowning. her and her husband were having an argument on a boat and natalie some how got lost at sea and was never found again. the only witness of this was the captain of the boat and he seemed pretty sketchy about the whole situation. so nobody ever really knew what exactly happened. kinda funny now i painted a picture of her on a boat when this very possibly could have been the boat she got lost at sea on. well, that’s not all that funny after all. nevertheless, i will say she was an adorable little woman! i enjoyed painting her!

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