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wedding dress: take 2

September 10, 2012

this summer i have had the privilege to make my second wedding dress! even though 23 Skidoo is not wedding apparel focused, i have truly loved being a part of this sort of celebration. marriage is just the best!! kelsey, the bride to be, actually found me through seeing the dress i made for mary on blogs and things like that. eventually she found out that i was the one that made mary’s wedding dress. so we got connected and started with one idea of how kelsey’s wedding dress would be like, then ended with something a bit different. its been interesting working with a client who lives in another part of the country and therefore it has taken a bit longer to finish the product because of that but its been a pleasure getting to know this young lady nevertheless!

i can’t reveal too much of the dress because kelsey isn’t getting married until next summer but i thought i’d share just a wee bit of a glimpse!! [below]

patterns, patterns.

i don’t have any pattern hooks here at home because they are all taken up by my patterns in my LA apartment, so i made use of some old hangers. for all the new patterns i’ve made this summer there are newly shaped hangers holding all of them in my closet!

for the wedding dress there are a few different types of fabrics. some parts of it is lace that i purchased from Virginia Marti. its really beautiful lace that is actually designer fabric right off the runway! chu-ching!

and i’ve been listening to the Dead Man’s Bones album on replay for the last 3 weeks. good stuff. really though…good. stuff.

good stuff.

like, really good stuff. you should actually probably just look them up now. it would probably be impossible to be disappointed. here.

edward scissor hand shears.

i’m so excited for the completion of this wedding dress!! i’ve spend a lot of physical and mental energy on it and i am SO close to the end of it! i’ve been very blessed with freelance jobs this summer, i enjoy each and every one of them!

so anyway, i want to apologize for my blog posts being rather scattered and inconsistent. but doing jobs like these are far more worth it to me! i have a variety of things i really would like to blog about and i am going to really try to make more good time to blog about those things. i have absolutely loved blogging since the day i started. i would love to be more consistent with it. so this is the start!

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