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how to style short hair

August 13, 2012

story time: my frand emilie chopped off her hair earlier this year and recently has been feeling bored with the short hair style. while we were at the always wonderful Anthropologie, we were looking at some supa cute headbands and i spotted this AWESOME deep turquoise one that had beading and all sorts of things on it. i expressed how good it would look with emilie’s light hair and bright blue eyes and she said she liked it but couldn’t pull it off. so this is when i got all motivational speaker on her….girl’s need to stop saying they don’t think they can pull things off! you can do anything you want to do! if you like something then wear it! you look good in it! stop saying “i don’t think…” and start say “i WILL…!” (yes, i AM aware of how cheesy that is, but its just the truth!)

so emilie went back and got that beautiful headband because she stopped saying “i don’t know if i can pull this off” and instead said ” i’m gonna wear this and its gonna be AWESOME!” even though she probably didn’t sound that cocky. so anyway, i showed her some different ways to wear accessories with her short hair. there is so much more you can do with short hair that doesn’t include accessories, like using gel to make it move in different ways and stuff like that. but accessories are much easier to work with and anybody can do it too. so here are some below…

with the shape of most people’s faces, make sure to keep your bangs underneath the headband, don’t push them back, keep them on your forhead. it is a simple thing that makes you look more feminine and flattering.

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