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fathom + form

August 5, 2012

people–pay attention…Fathom and Form is a new jewelry line based in “the San Fran”. and…well, basically, its AWESOME. Carliegh’s (one of the two designers) parents and my parents are buddy-buddy so i’m proud to say that i’ve known her my entire life! Fathom and Form has just launched this past spring. the designs for this jewelry are incredibly well designed and structured, there’s not much else like it! they are very architectural and structured, its clear that there has been much time and art put into the jewelry. take a ponder…

below is a pic showing the process of designing one of their necklaces….i don’t even know..but its kinda mind blowing.

i love it all!!!!!!! and i love seeing young people just doing what they want to do! straight up.

carry on!

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  1. August 6, 2012 2:58 pm

    Wow! Structurally beautiful. And I agree, it is great to see young people doing their thing and making it work!

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