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adam vicarel. vintage aesthetic.

July 9, 2012

i grew up across the street from tree lovin’, adam, my whole child hood. i’ve had the privilege of seeing the changes of his art work around his house and then see him grow into a professional graphic designer. he’s super talented and its very clear that he simply loves doing what he does. on the side of his graphic design job, he’s been working on these stellar vintage aesthetic city designs. now, OF COURSE my favorite ones are the Cleveland ones BUT  he can make any design for any city. heck, if you even wanted to make up your own city, he’d probably do that to. like the City of Steve or something like that. here’s what adam says…

“Any ideas for commissioned pieces are welcome! Want some super heros? You got it. Old baseball cards (Pokemon too)? Yup. Sports teams, colleges, family portraits, landscapes—no problem. How about you as a sentar. I can do that too; seriously.. Anything you can think of is possible. Bring an idea, I’ll provide the vintage aesthetic.”

i’m not gonna lie…i’d kinda like a sentar board in my room. so go over to adam’s website HERE and check out all of the designs. they’re sold at super reasonable prices considering all the detail that’s in each piece, too. SUPPORT LOCAL INDEPENDENT ARTISTS!

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