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can i please just say how much i love tavi gevinson?!

July 3, 2012

this girl lives like every day is a dream and i LOVE it!!! i get so inspired by her 1960’s cutsie-edgy-awesomeness style. its so fun!! its like she plays dress up every day! i want to play dress up every day!! i respect it, gurl, i respect it. and this chick is only 16 years old!! this girl has accomplished A LOT given the little amount of time she’s been wondering this earth. she is very successful in the fashion blogisphere, its like kinda amazing. she’s even got her own online magazine.

but honestly, she has really given me a new perspective on things. why not have fun with your wardrobe?!?! i saw an interview with her a while back and she said whenever she is going to a party or some place she doesn’t know anybody, she always wears something that is particularly interesting because its an easy conversation piece and it makes it easier to meet people. i love that!! i totally want to start living that!

most of these pictures were taken from her blog and the rest were taken from a shoot she was in which is right here! if you want to be inspired i would highly suggest taking a field trip to tavi’s BLOG…what can i say, i just dig the way she does things. way to go, tavi.

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