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practicing with fisheye lens

July 1, 2012

i’ve showed some of my fisheye photographs here before with my first developed film from my lomo camera. but now after having a few films developed, i’m learning more and more about what would make a good photo with this kind of lens. with each film so far, i’ve practiced with different things. with my first film, i learned that the lens doesn’t take in a much light at all. so with my second film, i used flash with pretty much every picture. then with my third film, i was in mostly bright natural lighting. with my next film, i think i’ll stick with the natural light but this time i want to mess with curves in objects more. i really want to create more intriguing photographs. so we’ll just have to see what happens! as of all the pictures above, i’d say these are some of my favorite pictures that i’ve taken where the warp is most noticeably disfigured because of the shape of the lens.

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  1. July 1, 2012 5:01 pm

    wow … cool

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