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the journey to Fashion Police

May 3, 2012

today…was..AWESOME!! (above is me being excited to start my day today!) so this morning i woke up at 5 a.m. to go to the fashion police filming!  i love getting up early! and i was up early enough that i WOULD’VE  seen the sun rise!…if L.A. wasn’t so full of smog…so yeah, i didn’t actually get to see the sun rise. but anyway! this morning is what felt like…..a spiritual journey of some sort….first of all, i had to take the closest train to E!’s studio and from there it was about a 30 minute bike ride. i accomplished all of this [plus being cussed out by a homeless guy because i lifted my bike above my head in order to go through the narrow gates of the subway station when the homeless guy seemed to have thought that i should’ve just gone through the doors–which i didn’t see at the time–but for whatever reason he felt very passionate about my “wrong” decision…whatever] so anyway i accomplished this long journey in heels and my fur scarf! once i got off the subway grounds and started biking, after about 5 minutes i realized i went the wrong way so i had to pass the station again HOPING the homeless dude wouldn’t see me and cause more of a completely unnecessary ruckus. the bike ride was long enough that i kept doubting myself thinking this is the wrong way! but then i found myself keep on pushing myself forward as if it was a life or death situation. can i just say, the good thing about being a weirdo and living in L.A., is that you are totally free to be a weirdo. but today, there were people who actually were seriously laughing at me! they actually looked me in the eyes as i rode past them and they chuckled at my life or death journey. by the time i finally got to E!, i was definitely sweating a reasonable amount…so that was cute. but this was only the journey THERE! below are my heels with my bike!

so once i got in the E! lobby, only a few of us were there yet. after standing there for not even a minute, i see Joan River’s walking up behind me and MY GOODNESS i love this woman even MORE than i did before! right when she saw us she was already crackin jokes and she was so sweet. she showed us to some couches that we could sit on until the show starts and everything. while we were waiting we got these name tags! name tags aren’t cool or special or anything, but when i got this name tag…i gotta say i felt like Lebron-status.

so when we got into the studio it was so cool! the audience was only about 20-30 people or so, so that was really cool because Joan and Guliana Rancic were both so personable since there was so few of us. they were so real and sweet. they were asking us questions and every time they weren’t shooting Joan would come over and talk to us. we weren’t allowed to have any food or drink in the studio but Joan managed to pull a huge basket of candy from somewhere and she passed the basket around and then she gave us all these Joan Ranger’s Fashion Police pins! HAHA i love her!!!

i have to say, it was really just a cool experience. for somebody who watches Fashion Police, it was really interesting to see how the show is put together. i was really impressed to see how truly personable everybody on set was…Melissa Rivers and Joan’s co-writer and all the film dudes were all chatting with us through the show. everybody behind the scenes was hilarious! the show is going to be on tomorrow night! i can’t wait to go back again! and next time i go i’ll be sure to get a picture with Joan! i just wanna be best friends with her!

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  1. May 3, 2012 6:39 pm

    Great post! Love your shoesssss

  2. Debbie Schabel permalink
    May 4, 2012 10:59 am

    Sweet Courtney – Joan would be BLESSED by having YOU as a friend! Your recounting of the experience is priceless…as are you. Love, Debbie

  3. Linda permalink
    May 4, 2012 11:48 am

    Joan Rivers would be blessed to be your best friend! You are precious, Courtney!

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