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skateboard class

March 25, 2012

for a while i thought it would be fun to learn to skateboard, then over thanksgiving break i found a skateboard on sale for 10 dollars at target!! so i had to buy it of course. so all break i’ve been practicing my skating skillz. the pictures above are of my sister and i practicing on top of a parking garage. my ultimate goal is to be able to comfortably skate with heels!

below are some old photographs taken of people in NYC from Life Magazine. in the early 1960’s skateboarding became the most popular sport , selling 50 million skateboards from 1960-1963. everybody in the US was skating, even men were skating to work. something i’ve loved about LA is that everybody skateboards or long boards. it’s really a fun sport and its a fun way to get around!

i love that!

(all 60’s photographs are taken from via here)

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