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getting inspired by fellow peers!

February 6, 2012

today i had draping! amalia, who sits across from me is a really great designer and is from the midwest! woo hoo! so moving on–last week me and one of my friends were talking about how we want to start beading then today i saw that amalia hand beaded the shoulders on her shirt! how ’bout that! i was so inspired! this is a project that i will DEFINITELY have to take up in the future. amalia said that when she got this shirt there was a design on the shoulders, so she followed the outline of that with her beading.

…there’s just so many possibilities with what i could do!!……ok. so anyway. draping is probs def one of my favorite classes! i’m making the final dress from the sample pictures i shared in the studio the other day, so i will put up pictures of that when its done!

p.s. i’m sorry these pictures aren’t SUPER COOL! i took them with my flip-pimp-phone. i REALLY gotta start bringing my camera to draping class, man.

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  1. Solipsism Dreams permalink
    February 7, 2012 6:31 am

    i need your scarf in my life!

    Loretta xx

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