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south pas

January 19, 2012

a couple weeks ago, my lovely friend, catherine, lovingly confronted me about my “stinkface takes LA” sections and how little of them they are. SO….she picked my booty up and adventured me to south pasadena! south pas is a super cute little neighborhood that is really old and has all sorts of cute shops!

common threads is a local LA dream! it is the cutest little shop EVER with the COOOOOLEST woven fabric prints!!!! like honestly holy moly to the extreme! i took pictures of them but they didn’t turn out too good unfortunately..but this place is awesome! and they have patterns for little kidos that are actually adorable and fashionable! (not to bluntly bash joann fabrics or anything…) so yeah, this place is a confidently total winner.

then we went to this super cool vintage shop which was awesome! the whole time i had blouses and purses in my hands knowing that i REALLY don’t NEED these things, as i am trying to save money this new year, so that was my difficult trial of the day. but being in the the store was good enough for me!

and this book store was fun too with tons of records and….books…and things of that nature!

ok this “craft store” was the most interesting yet brilliant craft store i have every been in! most craft stores have your normal crafting products like glitter and paper and i don’t know stuff like that. but this place had rows of bins of the most RANDOM object ever! for example….baby heads!!! but this is quite genius if you think about it because many crafts require the collection of random objects which you have to save up for a long time until you can officially start your project, but here they HAVE those random objects already provided for you! yay! and they had these hysterical cards too…like the one above.

lastly, we ended our day at the pharmacy. the pharmacy is an old soda fountain that has vintage toys and candy and even has a pharmacy as well! how ’bout that. i decided it would be most wise to get the classic burger and shake while being in this atmosphere which was QUITE enjoyable! isn’t that pic above of catherine cute?

so i am now happy to check south pas off the list and have the ability to say that i have experienced THE SOUTH PAS!

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  1. tara permalink
    January 19, 2012 8:13 am

    yay bunnels!

  2. January 21, 2012 3:39 pm

    It was so fun to relive our day via your photos. I’m going to kidnap you for more LA fun soon!

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