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bon bon cafe

December 30, 2011

ok folks…you have to make it over to bon bon in ohio city. i know the owner/pastry chief, courtney, because 1) we have the same name, so every time i see here i always enjoy saying my name but know that i’m not talking to myself 2) i have met her through working around this lovely land that has been called the CLE  3) AND courtney [of bon bon] was even the WINNER of cupcake wars!! so, how can you beat that? but anyway, moving on…bon bon just opened up this fall and its SERIOUSLY great! its definitely become one of my new favorite Cleveland go-to’s. i honestly just felt special while eating there. and everyone who works there is super fun! and of course, the food…the food was amaaaazing! i got this like gourmet tuna sandwich that had all sorts of surprises in it! it was worth it, friends, it was very much worth it…

this was…the best. drink. ever. EVER.

it was the “bon bon cider” which is hot cider with chia and whipped cream and cinnamon. oh my gosh. i honestly don’t even have words. this bon bon cider and lilly’s hot chocolate are by far the best drinks that have ever been made in the history of drinks. if you haven’t had lilly’s hot chocolate…you must do so immediately. it’s so good, it burns my throat when i drink it–its so good, it hurts! it also has been heard that lilly’s hot chocolate will be the mud in heaven, so…

so now, bon bon is officially going into my Cleveland links that have changed my life.

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