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project restyle fox neck!

December 10, 2011

now, i must say this idea was not mine. i saw these these t-shirts on etsy and felt compelled to make my own interpretation of it. i have so many scraps of fabric all over the place, and i had this black sweater dress that fits me in a rather unflattering way. with the  scraps of fabric i was able to turn into a fox and my renewed fit of the sweater dress–this is what came out of it!

i think this idea is so funny and brilliant at the same time! its BRILLIANTLY FUNNY! i love fur and when i think of women wearing full animals around their necks, i usually think of that one scene in Ace Ventura. i just had to make my own sweater interpretation of furry necks!

P.S. last night i attended the most –honestly–most amazing and intense christmas party i have EVER been to. first of all: before the party, they had a snow machine come to the house. so yes, there was snow at this LA christmas party!! i felt like i was in a dream  the entire time. the party took place in a cul-de-sac, there were twinkle lights everywhere, a live band was playing christmas music, there was an INSANE tree house that had a whole old fashion photo booth set up in it, there were multiple bon fires with s’mores and hot dogs, there were little treats scattered everywhere with hot cider and hot chocolate…it was…fabulous….i don’t know if i have ever been in such a jolly place in my entire life. go christmas parties!!! (me and my pal–mallory–in the tree house photo booth below!)

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