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dredgers union website! what up.

October 24, 2011

The Dredgers Union of CLEVELAND (yeahhhhhhhhh boi). i’ve talked about dredgers here before, i interned for their private clothing label this past summer and it was awesome! (the designers of dredgers are also the designers of the most brilliant wrath arcane). the way i see it, if you like anthropologie and maybe even urban outfitters then you will LOOOVE the dredgers union! the experience of shopping in the store on east 4th street is truly an experience in itself. but ANYWAY! they’ve been keeping up on their blog for about a year now, and they have now finally got product up (and continuing to do so) on their website! here are some of my favorite things!:

 the color! the shearness! the dark bedazzling! oh my…
 wha whaaaaaaaat?? YES. the answer is yes.
 i can’t handle how much i’m in love with this.

ahh i love knowing people who are awesome at life!!! the first picture above and the last two are dredgers designs. a lot of the things they make are multi coordinated…i’m pretty sure that’s the wrong word to use but hopefully you know what i mean! so GET  YO FACE OVER TO DREDGERS UNION WEB PAGE RIGHT NOW…tehe, have a nice rest of the day! or night…

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  1. tara permalink
    October 24, 2011 9:16 am

    the site looks awesome!it definitly has its own feel though,that is very seperate from anthro and urban.

    i love that old photo of cleveland where the only tall building is tower city. (did you know our great g-pa helped build that?)

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