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the avengers in the Cleve.

October 13, 2011

YEAH CLEVELAND! part of the avengers was filmed in downtown Cleveland while i was interning down there at dredgers union this summer. it was really fun being downtown every day while this was going on. all the scenes you see in this trailer where cars or buildings are blowing up, that was all filmed in Cleveland. and i actually parked right there on east 9th street where they filmed all of that and it was really funny because one day when i was walking by,  all of a sudden there were tons of noises that sounded like fireworks, it was really loud, it made me jump a little but, but then i realized they were just blowing up cars and normal things like that.

i remember before they started to film all of this i was walking back to my car after work and there was a rather abnormal amount of people around. they all had their phones and cameras out and i noticed all of e. 9th was blocked off and people with little ear pieces were walking around and when i got a better look at things i saw that there were a bunch of NYPD trucks and cars flipped over and what looked like a building that had crashed on the road. i was legitimately confused. haha! i remember trying to find where that chunk of building came from because all the surrounding buildings seems to look normal and then i was like “ohhhhhhhhhh…avengers.” and then kept on walking..

but anyway, it was really cool walking by that everyday and seeing what was going on each day. i think they filmed there for a month or so and after they were done it took them about 4 whole days to clean everything up. it’s really amazing all those props, how they look so real. but that “crushed building” was really probably styrofoam or something really cheap but it looked so real! oh! and it was also fun because since dredgers it in the heart of Cleveland and only a block from where they were filming, different actresses came in once in a while, and the avengers fashion designer came in, and michelle monaghan was actually one of dredgers biggest buyers! haha! she would come in about a few times a week.

so yes, that was a very fun experience! i can’t wait to see the movie, and get more peaks of Cleves!

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  1. tara permalink
    October 13, 2011 9:32 pm

    yay cleveland!

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