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santa monica.

October 8, 2011

 i am so happy because my friend, allison, from THE CLE also goes to FIDM for fashion design and she just came back into LA! so we went around to santa monica and roamed a bit…

allison is vegan and i like trying new things so we went to this really fun vegan restaurant! its really cool, on the roof of the building they have their own garden so everything is completelyyyyyy fresh! we had real  tasty “not-cho’s”!

 i was wearing tights…………
 so i ended up taking them off….after i already went in the water with them. but this was my first time ever going in the ocean! i have gone to the ocean only once before, when i visited my sister in LA last time but we didn’t actually go in because it was a pretty chilli day

yay for big bodies of waterrrrrr…

and then this pier was pretty fun, its mainly just amusement park sort of things but there were some different musicians jammin all around.

i’m really excited because tomorrow one of my roommates, victoria, and i are going to make french macaroon’s and then go down our hall and knock on doors and make our neighbors eat macaroon’s and then force them to be our friends! it should be a rather welcoming process…

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  1. Melanie McCrone permalink
    October 9, 2011 7:37 am

    Love your posts, Court!!! How did it go with the macaroons?…great idea! LU, Mom

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