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a “How To”…maid braids

June 15, 2011

Something I love about having long hair, is that I can do so many different things with it. often enough, I wear my hair in what I believe is called “maids braids” and people are always asking me how to do it, but it honestly is so easy!!!! so let me share with you! the way I like to do it is kinda like…sexyyyy messyyyy…because who doesn’t like that! and also because if your hair is too neat then it looks too much like young Shirley Temple or something! I mean that girl is adorable–but ya know…

so just 3 simple steps!:

1. tease your hair up a little bit so you can’t see the part in the back of your head when you put it into braids

2. put it into braids (not that you didn’t see that coming with the first step…or the pretty clear picture…). be sure to use small and/or thin rubber bands because you don’t want it to stand out

3. bring the two braids up and bobbi pin them underneath each other so you don’t see the ends of either of them

and BAM.

ya look beautiful. I hope this really was helpful! let me know your feed back, as hair is a very serious matter to every day life!…even though that sounds silly….I’m kind of incredibly serious.

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