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DIY gift!!: vinyl record cover journals

June 7, 2011

oh well hellooooooooo! i am so excited! i haven’t done a “do it yourself” in a while! since i have GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL (mmmmmmmmmmmhm) there are plenty of grad parties to attend which obviously means gift involvement. I have a few DIY’s to share this summer that could be great gifts for new college dorms 🙂

In middle school i came across my parents old records they used to jam to and i loved them and i stuck the records all over my walls because i just loved the way they looked! today when i was in my old room, i saw the pile of album covers and decided to re-use them once again!

for the first one i made, i used a 3-hole paper for an example for the size of the cover to be…

be sure to mark where the hole on the paper are so you can hole punch the covers in that same spot…

and then tie a string bow to keep it all together! it’s that easy! (my favorite might be the Barbie one)

maybeeeee even write a nice little note on the first page to get the journal going!

or draw a picture….or do both…i hope you enjoy this DIY! i like it because its personal and has a lot of character with the vintage album-esque and homemade feeling to it!

P.S. omgggggg it was super toasty in the CLE today so excuse my hair but ch-ch-check out my new necklaces from forever 21! they make noises!!

one of them is a harmonica!! i was so psyched to get it because it was only 4 DOLLARS but then when i got home and played it, it doesn’t actually work!!!! i am seriously genuinely upset about that but whatevs, it’s still technically a harmonica.

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