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The Bieber Fever…listen before judging.

June 6, 2011

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been sick all week! 😦  This is kind of crazy so please brace yourself before reading on…my life has proven that the Bieber Fever is real!! Yes, its true. The fever is real. And I am a victim from it. Wow….I can’t believe I’m actually about to publically share this to people…but this is how it goes:

Just recently, I saw the Bieb’s movie and I grew a lot of respect for the kid, he truly has talent. After I saw the movie, the whole entire weekend I had this song in my head and it was driving me insane! And we probably watched this music video about 18 times!

Sunday night after unsuccessfully getting Biebs out of my head,  every-single-dream I had was about Justin Bieber…then I woke up with a FEVER!! What. That sounds like the Bieber Fever to me…

Since I haven’t blogged all week, I will have a few more posts coming your way verrrrrrry soon! yeah!

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