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Dane’s Hairs

May 26, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Dane rather randomly asked me to cut his hair. I’ve never gotten a chance to hold a pair of scissors close enough to someone’s head before so I was so excited because for some reason I have always wanted to do a hair cut!! Dane clearly trusts my abilities…ha…

Most of these pics are from my 35 mm film and a couple are from Dane’s SLR…Hehe…I had to pin his hair a certain way for this specific hair cut…(yes, I printed out intructions…hair is a very important attribute to the human figure, okay!)

And THREE HOURS LATER…..Our friend, Julie, even had time to go on an hour-long roller blade ride around town and come back in time to see the new do…Haha…It was definitely an adventure! After I was done, I was continuously finding hair remnants from Dane’s head on my face and hands and…even in my bandaid…yeah, that’s kind of gross, but oh well…stuff like that happens.

P.S. I’m sick of looking at my face…for some unknown reason whenever a camera get’s taken out my jaw drops down and I get this scary happy look on my face. My mouth needs guidance.

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