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Project Restyle: Pink Flower Dress

May 20, 2011

The other day my awesome friend, Anna, had me over to look through a bunch of her clothes. I met Anna  a couple of summers ago across from the West Side Market where she was selling vintage clothes and things along with a bunch of other artists.  I can honestly say, some of my favorite vintage things have come from Anna. And she has been so sweet to me! The other day she contacted me to have me over to look through a butt load of clothes she was giving to Goodwill, but she wanted to see if I would want to look through them first, and I was like “chuyeahhhhhhhh!”

And this dress was one of the things I took from her, I really loved the redish orangish flowers on it, but I thought I could probably sassy it up a little bit from the some what plain original design!So I brought it from a dress to a blouse! First, I shortened the sleeves a tad bit to make it a bit more feminin…I used the extra fabric from cutting off the bottom of the dress to make little pockets…And I added the red exposed zipper to add the sassy!I love re-styling things! It’s so much fun! Thank you so much Anna for giving me all those vintage fabrics and clothes! I am one by one re-styling more and more when I get the brief chance to, so there will be more to come!!P.S. I’m goin hard with my Nerf tonight…just sayin…

P.S.S. Click HERRRRRRRRRE so support the CLE and shop at Anna’s store!!

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  1. May 21, 2011 1:29 pm

    GIIIRRRRLLLL!!! I knew you’d take ’em and make ’em work!! I freaking love the blouse… it’s something I would buy.

    I love this site & I will keep checking back for updates!
    No market for me this year… but keep in touch


    • May 21, 2011 8:40 pm

      awwww thanks anna!!

      and 😦 for the market…but i know I WILL still buy from you all the time!!

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