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Senior Art Show

May 19, 2011

This year has gone by so fast its insane!!! Yesterday morning was my Senior Art Show! Above were my invitations for it, I gave them to a lot of my friends and teachers at school and they were able to get out of class to come see it. I was so excited to start to plan my show, I just wanted it to be a lot of fun! I made a whole frickin lot of paper crowns for people to wear and of course I had nummy treats for everyone to nibble on.

A few days earlier, I asked my friends Alex, Derek, Erich, Lizzy, and Conor to all dress up and be my little helpers for my show (plus Erich, Derek and Conor are all in show choir so they all have tuxes which is just double the fun!!!) but unfortunately, the boys choir teacher is–how shall I say this–interesting (…?) or so I hear, so he wouldn’t let them come down : ( But Lizzy and Alex were still able to help a woman out! All 3 of us got all dolled up in vintage-like attire and passed crowns out to all the “princes and princesses” at the beginning of the show!

My art teacher, Mrs. Filmer,  introduced me and I shared to everyone everything about my concentration and portfolio… I was amazed by how many people showed up at my show! I felt so loved! I gave out over 100 invitations and some teachers ever brought their whole classes so the whole area was completely filled–good thing I’m in public speaking this semester–aha! I loved looking out to everyone and seeing all the crowns, it looked really neat!

Baha! About an hour in a half after the show, I realized I never finished putting my makeup on that morning, so in the picture above, I gave myself some computerized eyelashes. I was so happy (!) even my friends who were home from college woke up at 7 in the morning to see my show! And my one friend, Emily, I haven’t seen in 2 years because she moved to Florida! So anyways, it was very fun, and I am so pleased to say that some teachers are already buying some of my prints from my concentration…Beth is sitting on the toilet.

Yes, I brought in the toilet that is in one of my concentration pictures. It brought about interesting conversations in school, that’s for sure.

After the show was over, I left my crown on my manican with my invitation and artist statement on it…

And that’s it folks! It was fun seeing a lot of people wearing their crowns around school the rest of the day….even people who I have never seen before in my life were wearing them…so that was interesting, but I don’t mind! Its fun to feel like a princess for a little bit!

P.S. Thanks Dane for taking all the pictures, you rockkkkkkk!

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