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Tea Party Gone Wrong: Behind the Scenes

May 5, 2011

Welp, its been quite a year in AP Studio Art. And it’s finally the end!!!!!!!! The past few months I’ve been working on my concentration which is a series of 12 works and I am doing photography! You may have seen my post about my abstract bathing suit concentration a while ago…I started off with 3-D but after I already made 5 of them I had to switch to 2-D because of some confusions.

So now I am sharing with you all my new series that I like to call A Tea Party Gone Wrong. These are just a few behind the scenes/preview pics!!

Sooooooo as I was in the middle of doing Natalie’s hair…I heard some…unexpected noises. I looked behind me and yep, a train was coming. So we had to run and get everything back off the railroad tracks.  Natalie’s heals were too big and it was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen seeing her run around in those shoes with her hair half did……I…don’t remember what was happening here…but I just remember something really funny happening…………… yeah!Yeah, Tara’s a trooper. This machine seriously is way heavier than it looks..Heh heh…shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!Reading about the adventurously awesome life of ‘Arry Potta, nothin other thaaaaaan..These ladies are not as classy as they dress…Gettin the big guns out…Ha! We were trying to see if she fit in it…Yay! This was such a fun project! It definitely was an adventure…I am very thankful for my friends, they were all very helpful with my project and I am very pleased with the outcome–Thank you friends! Come back tomorrow to see the final photographs!!! : )

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  1. tara permalink
    May 7, 2011 9:04 am

    the one with alex pouring tea down maddies shirt is just fantastic. i love their fascial expressions!
    You did such a good job bunnels!

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