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May 4, 2011

Yep….I am an idiot. And I decided to go into my room and get my camera without turning on the lights. And of course, my camera fell out of its bag and as I heard a surprisingly loud bang…I slowly, yet fiercely, went to turn on the light switch. I looked on the floor and there in front of my eyes was my precious Nikon D3000 in 3 pieces. Since I think I can fix anything, I went to try to somehow magically put it back together…and then after that…there were not 3 pieces anymore…that’s right there were now FOUR pieces of my camera. My life is sad sometimes.

Buuuuuuut as I am waiting to buy my new lens, it gives me a perfect excuse and opportunity to use my perfectly good 35mm camera this is thankfully still in ONE piece! I just got some new black & white and colored film for it, so some of the next few posts will be from that film 🙂

Lesson for the day: Turn on your lights when entering a room (I actually could share several wish-I-hadn’t-stories from not turning on the lights…..but I won’t share those today) andddd make sure you always close the bag in which your camera is possessed.

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