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Hearts & Stripes

April 18, 2011

Today I wore this outfit. I don’t know if I’m the only one that ever thinks this, but sometimes when I get ready in the morning I can’t decide if I like what I’m wearing of if it’s the worst thing I have ever done to myself.

Well, I thrifted this heart dress, and I love it! Mostly because of the hearts. Buuuuuut unfortunately, I really need assistance when I hem things because I tend to always think that I can measure length on myself, but I fail every time, thus becoming an uncomfortably short skirt/dress. And I always notice this mistake when it’s too late…So ANYWAYS…when I got this dress it was at a really awkward length so I thought I’d just shorted it a bit. And then that whole routine happened that I just explained which then led to this dress hanging in my closet for a very very long time and I was finally able to get it out for the first time today!…I hope I’m making sense here….If not, then I am very sorry.

But yes, I am a pattern mixer. I like to mix it up. So I thought I’d tell this very random and pointless story, because even though I still can’t make up my mind, if I like this outfit or not yet, I find it rather fun and comfortable. I hope you all have a nice rest of the night! I just finished some of my newest fashion illustrations for the summer and will be posting them soon! ❤

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