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5 MinuteToMakeIt Headband Sale!!

April 5, 2011

Well Hellooooooooooo…

Funny story…The 5 minute-to-make-it headbands caught a lot of attention and people wanted to buy them! So luckily last week was my spring break so I had time to make quite a few different ones. And we even have a couple different styles now too!

I am selling the original headband designs for $5 dollars. There’s pink,  gray, and a fun turquoise color!

 And I’m selling the new pink, gray, and gray/black polka dots single knotted designs for $8 dollars, because this design requires more fabric and it also required sewing (a.k.a. more time to make).

I am thrilled people like this headband so much! But there is a limited amount of each one so if you want one move fast! If you are interested in purchasing one, you can see where to contact  me here. Can’t wait to see some 23 Skidoo heads bouncing around Cleveland!

And thanks to Suzy Rowe for the last minute modeling!!

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