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March 17, 2011

Today I was cleaning out a whole bunch of pictures I randomly have saved on my computer and I came across some things that I’ve saved in the past and have been reminded of why I saved them….basically, because they have all caught my attention and I think something about them is well worth saving. So I thought I might as well share with SOMEONE. So I choose all you people.

To start us off, this photography is just straight up awesome. I don’t know….its just…awesome. You know what I mean?

OH-EM-GEE  is all I really have to say to this…

These wall papers are amazing. The red zebra one is INSANE. It’s a Scalamandre design and I first saw it in one of my favorite films, The Royal Tenenbaums, which is made by one of my favorite directors, Wes Anderson. He’s basically awesome at life.

I saw these ladies–The Arrows–over the summer and they are so talented. Their South African voices are so beautiful and sound so cool when they sing.  And as of right now I am growing my bangs out JUST so I can do this with my hair.

Ever since I saw The Brothers Bloom, which is another favorite movie, I have been searching for sunglasses like these and have failed really hard. But I still have faith that one day I WILL find them!!!

Zooey Deschanel is such a cool lady. And you know I love my nerf guns. Or whatever that is in her hand…a water gun? I like those too.

Audrey‘s a cool lady too. But everyone already knows that.

Although I hope my life will never read what is tattooed on these fingers….it brings a smile upon my face to know that she got this permanently on her body. I think if I knew her we would be good friends.

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