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Courtney’s Capes!: The Bowling Cape

March 4, 2011

Incase you never saw my first post about capes, you might just want to see that here before you go on to read this post Even though I made this cape for a class mate, Sari, a couple of months ago, I FINALLY just got a picture of it. Sari is the Bowling Team captain so this cape was very handy at his practices and games bringin on Westlake spirit! It was definitely a fun adventure creating this very special cape. And it brings me joy knowing that Sari actually seriously enjoys wearing it! Haha…

Here are some pictures of it!

(It says “Westlake Bowling” but the “W” just isn’t showing here. Anddddd I actually made the ball on the cape customized to look exactly how Sari’s bowling ball is in real life…Because that’s just the kind of gal I am…)

(And on the inside of the cape I put some firey flamy detail to express the intensity that the Bowling Team portrays!)


Sooooooo. Be sure to look out for more capes to come our way in the future!!

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