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AP Concentration Sneak Peak

March 1, 2011


This year in AP Studio Art, it has been very time-consuming and at times, rather challenging. Not too long ago, we started our concentration with is a series of 12 pieces of work all with the same theme as well as deciding to only be 3-D or only 2-D for the rest of the year. Of course, going into fashion design, I choose 3-D.

After thinking  about what I want my concentration to be , I finally got an idea for something that would really keep my interest. And here’s the idea:

Bathing suits have been invented for the human figure to feel comfortable while wearing a suit, right?? Well, believe it or not, very few people actually get that amazing feeling of sporting a swim suit, for a number of different reasons. Therefore, I am creating a series of bathing suits showing the juxtaposition of what suits are really meant for. 

So far I have completed 4 out of the 12 that we need to be finished with in a month. Oh yeah, each project needs to be totally finished within a week. Which is 7 days…which can get pretty stressful if one is trying to attempt to have a life and if lucky get enough sleep at the same time. But anyways! Enough about me…

I have so far made suits out of tree bark, cardboard, duct tape, and clear packaging tape. All of which resemble different feelings that can come from wearing a swim suit. For example, with my clear packaging tape suit (pic is above), I made the suit out of that to express the feeling of being watched while walkin down the beach…or wherever you may be while sporting a suit… While working on it at school, some people wanted to try it on…….not sure…why……………

Anyways, I will have full professional photographs of my Bathing Suit series coming soon! You can check out more of my 3-D work I’ve been doing this year on my Portfolio page. Ya dig?

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