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The Butt Dress

January 16, 2011

Today…..I applied to Parsons, The New School For Design….the day of the deadline. It was an impacting moment when my pointer finger was just centimeters away from clicking the very last button to the application and my sister told me to stop so she could go grab the camera and digitally document me pressing that button. All leading up to this moment, I have been nonstop working on my “Parsons Challenge”, which is to do 3 pieces of work all expressing something that is overlooked.

The theme I chose to do for my challenge was, “Cleveland”. Cleveland is the ultimate underdog of the United States, even though there is an awakening of hundreds of incredibly talented artists and entrepreneurs here, the world outside of this city still just thinks of us as “the mistake on the lake”….well, not on this lake.


So, for my first piece, I created a dress that expresses what people on the outside think of this city. My dress is made of crumpled, twisted, and braided brown paper bags; old lumpy paint; and used, worn-out cigarette butts. Cleveland is a joke to people who have only heard the negative thoughts and rumors, it’s almost like those who have heard of the talent here, want to keep them a secret. You can see more pics of this dress on my Portfolio page.

On a better note (well, maybe not better, but more humorous), this dress has been through a lot. Its first week of existence, the entire dress almost went up in flames when I tried to burn one of the edges, because apparently paper bags are flammable. Not to mention it was in school, so not only would my project get ruined, but I probably would’ve been sued…or something along those lines, maybe suspended or something…..which actually  may not even be a bad thing…….that would have given me plenty of time to re-create my dress………….and I wouldn’t have to go to school………infact, why don’t I get suspended from school more often?………ANYWAYSSSSSSSS. Wow. I get side-tracked. It also reeks of cigarette smell. One of my art teachers was actually getting sick from the smell of it so I was forced to take it home.

So through all of this, I am hoping and praying I get into Parsons! Come on, now!

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