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I’m Good, I’m Gone Girl

December 20, 2010

Just been admiring, (…ok, or obsessing, but i didn’t really want to admit it….even though I just did, I guess…Anyways–) I’ve been ADMIRING Lykke Li’s style lately. She is just so cool. In the past, I have seen some interviews with her and basically her entire wardrobe is all vintage. Usually what I take from vintage is mostly sweet, classy sort of stuff, but the way she interprets vintage is pretty hard core… it out…

mmmmmmmm, fur….

I can’t tell if this jacket here is sequins or what…but I CAN tell that its pretty fierce. Oh yes, rather fierce indeed.

I have seen her wear a lot of necklace pieces like this in her wardrobe pretty often, she usually makes music with it when she’s messing around with her other musical buddies, but it looks cool anyways.

I have no idea what material this jacket is made out of, but its pretty fricken awesome looking, that’s for sure.

I would probably never wear something like this, but for some unknown reason, she looks really cool. She also looks like she’s about to run off with a herd of lions and eat a wild animal. But she still looks cool.

If you are unfamiliar with Lykke’s music, you probably should be, so you might want to click your finger on the link right here.

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