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November 24, 2010


I find myself continuously discovering more and more amazing talent in this city.  There are brilliant musicians, entrepreneurs, and various kinds of artists here who, every year, make Cleveland a better and better place to live.  Valerie Mayen, who I am having the pleasure to intern with, is in the process of starting a new sewing co-op in Cleveland for young people in fashion to be able to STAY here and start their own business in fashion here, whatever that may be, and be able to have the right up to date resources to work with and space to work in.

This would be a dream come true for fashion designers in Cleveland. And artists in general. Think of it as a gym for fashion designers, they would actually have a membership and be able to come in and out of the “gym” whenever they would like, and there would be different workshops and classes for them as well to be able to still expand what they already know.

Unfortunately, in order to actually get it started, we need $10,000 before December 6th. And right now we are almost at $6,000. Please help us get this, we need it so bad, Cleveland!!! This is something that will not only help people get jobs but it will bring more and more people in to this city! And so much more that we don’t even know about yet! To learn more and/or make a pledge, click on the link below! Yeahawwww!

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