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Teen Vogue Fashion University 2010

October 28, 2010

This past weekend I had the privilege to go to New York City and attend the weekend long event, Teen Vogue Fashion University! This was actually my second year doing it, it’s specifically made out to young people who are aspiring to be in the fashion industry whether it was fashion design (like me!), fashion merchandise, public relations (in fashion), modeling……and these are pretty much the only things people were there for. So anyways, the weekend was so much fun! I drove up with my 2 sisters, my brother-in-law and my friend Alex who’s mom lives on 1st Avenue so we just bummed at her place : )

The weekend started with a kick off party at Juicy Couture where a band was playing, we got 25% off anything, and a bunch of young guys (who I’m pretty sure are models or something) were walking around with yummy different foods for us to chew on. Unfortunately, Alex and I are both po’ fo’ks and can’t afford anything Juicy even with a 25% off discount. But nevertheless we had sooooooo much fun trying on fun clothes and shoes anyways!


That was fun. Saturday morning my classes started and Anna Wintour spoke to all 600 of us first thing before any of our other smaller seminars, it was so cool to have her in the same room as I was speaking to us!….And it was also a little bit frightening, too. Anna is the editor in chief of Vogue Magazine and she does not kid around (if you want to know more about her or her job, check out the video documentary, The September Issue, its really interesting!). I learned a lot about different things on what’s good to put on magazine covers and what to do and what not to do. Her job is very demanding and has a huge impact on the world of fashion around us. Then at the end of the day Vera Wang spoke to us!!!!! She is so cute and she basically just told us her background in her fashion career as well as gave us tons of advice like the other designers I took classes with through out the day.


The other designers I took classes with were Alexis Bittar, who is an absolutely brilliant jewelry designer; Justin Giunta, who is also a very talented jewelry designer; Jenna Lyons, the President and Executive Creative Director of J.Crew (!); and Rachel Weeks, a fashion entrepreneur who launched a line of fashionably amazing collegiate apparel called School House. All of these designers have come so far by trying incredibly hard at everything they work on which has clearly brought them very far. So yeah, it was a fun learningfull weekend!

Anddddddddddd just one more thing. Before I left for NY, I very precisely picked out what I was going to wear….everything I wore was either one of my creations or some of Cleveland’s best! Everywhere I went I was wearing at least one thing to represent this city and when people asked where I was from, that always gave me a chance to speak up about what I was wearing and explain the fashion and arts that are happening here which just brings us one step closer to the world knowing about the talent in this place! BOO-YAAA!

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  1. tara permalink
    October 29, 2010 4:58 am

    HOORAY for Bunnels!!!

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